View info about our studios in East & West London, UK.

We operate two locations, Phluid Media Studio in West London and Planck Music Studio in East London.

Phluid Media Studio

Based just minutes from Freddie Mercury's childhood home in Bedfont, West London and hosting a 77sq.ft. Control Room and 150sq.ft Live Room, the Phluid Media Studio is engineered from the ground up to offer the highest quality in both analog Out-The-Box (OTB) and digital In-The-Box (ITB) recording and production.

The studio can cater for far more than just music, with a range of both custom built and top-brand hardware and instruments optimised for the highest fidelity, as well as a wide range of DAWs, soft-synths, plugins and multiple hardware processing options.

Planck Music Studio

Based right in the heart of vibrant Shoreditch, East London and hosting a 270sq.ft acoustic space, the Planck Music Studio caters for larger-scale recordings such as brass bands, string ensembles or large choral groups. With a strong focus on OTB production, the studio offers the same range of audio services with an extensive stock of instruments, equipment and both software and hardware processing options.

Check out our Equipment list or Contact Us for more information on either of the studios.

Not In London, The UK, Europe? No Problem!

We offer our production services on a global basis, meaning you don't have to be located anywhere near our studios to take advantage of our services. Supported by a dedicated development network, we can provide remote production services to anywhere with a web-connection.

You simply send us your assets online and we send you back the finished product - easy! With project-tracking features, milestone previews and online live-chat/conferencing, it is just as efficient as being in the studios with us.

Contact Us now to find out more about our remote online service.