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Hardware, Keyboards, Synths

Mackie Onyx 1620i Console, Mackie Onyx 1640i Console, Mackie 24:8 Console, Soundcraft B400 Console, Behringer BCF2000, Behringer BCR2000, TC Powercore AIC, Edirol FA-101 x2, Audiowerk AIC, KA Custom Lambda full-range, Alesis Monitor One Mk2, KA Custom Orion 5.1 Satellite, Genelec 8040 Active, Sonus Faber Electa, Yamaha NS-10 w/Sub, Trident MTR Series 80 Dual Channel EQ, TLA Dual Channel EQ, TLA Indigo Preamp, Focusrite ISA 4 channel Preamp, Focusrite Platinum preamp, Joe Meek Stereo Compressor, TLA Ivory Series Compressor, TC Wizard Finaliser, TC G-System guitar processor, TC Helicon VoiceLive, TC Helicon VoiceWorks, TC Reverb Unit, Alesis MidiVerb, Alesis MicroVerb, Alesis HR-16, ZOOM8080, Sony TC-252, Tascam 488 MKII Analog, Numark MP302, Sony MDS JE510, Numark Axis 4 x2, Numark Mixtrack Pro II, Vestax PDX-2000 x2, Numark 5000fx, HHB BurnIT, 1x5 CD Duplicator, Moog Little Phatty, JUNO.60, 1970's Wurlitzer 200A Electric Piano, Rhodes MK-60, Korg MS-20 Mini, Kawai K1, Korg Poly 61, Korg DW 8000, Semblance Analogue, Electro Harmonix Bass Micro Synth, Mooger Fooger Bass Synth, Mooger Fooger Ring Modulator, Roland Weighted Full-Octave MIDI Keyboard, Novation Remote Zero SL controller, Korg Control 49 controller, Boss DR-880, Yamaha CS6x


Shure SM58 x6, Shure SM57 x6, Audix 5 x1, Blue Ball x1, AKG D112 x3, ADK Valve x2, ADK A48 Vintage Valve x1, Electro-Harmonix Ribbon x1, Bluebird x1, Oktava MK-104 x1, Oktava MK-102 x1, Oktava MK-012 x2, Oktava MK-319 x2, Oktava MK-219 x2, Rode NT4 Stereo x1, AKG C1000 x2, AKG Clip-On Condensers x2, AKG c214 x2, ShinyBox 46-Series, Audio Technica AT2020 x2, Royer R121, AKG 414 x2, EV RE20, Lauten Horizon LT-321, SE4400


Gallien-Krueger MB150S-III/112 bass amp combo, Marshall JCM2000 guitar amp, Ashdown EVO II 300W bass amp combo, Gibson Goldtone guitar amp, Trace Elliott 4x10 bass amp combo, Peavey Programax 10, KA Custom 600 DualCab Bass Amp, Epiphone EP800


Normandy Custom Electric Guitar, Gibson/Epiphone LP, Fender Telecaster, Fender Jazz Bass, Hagstrom 8-String Bass, Yamaha F310, Samick Electro-Acoustic, Eko 12-String Acoustic, Philippe Dubreuille 6-String Bass, Gretsch 6-string Bass, Philippe Dubreuille 5-String Bass, Aria Upright Electric Bass, Custom Bassix Electro-Acoustic Double Bass, Aria Pro Magna II Bass, KA Custom Blackie Strat, Squier Supersonic, Yamaha F350


Pearl Export 5-Piece Drum Kit w/ Remo Skins, Session 5-Piece Drum Kit and a range of Percussion


OSX, Windows, Ubuntu Studio 64, Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Sequoia, Ableton Live, Nuendo, Cubase, Reason, LMMS and hundreds of plugins/soft-synths including Waves, NI Komplete, Overloud Breverb, TC Powercore

Acoustic Spaces

Studio 1 (Bedfont) 100 sq. ft.
Studio 2 (Hackney) 270 sq. ft.
Fully air conditioned